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Step #1
Initial meeting

Before working with every client, I conduct an initial meeting to see if working together would be possible. This process is accomplished by meeting together in-person (or virtually) for an hour, one-on-one session. During this time you can express your current situation and your career development needs. I can explain and answer any questions you might have about my background, training, and my process. If we find that working together might not be possible, I can provide you with alternative resources or referrals in order to make sure that your needs are taken care of.

I want to make sure that you are getting the assistance and support you need. I charge my hourly fee of $160 for this initial visit.

Above the Clouds

Step #2
Exploration & AssessmeNt Series

What Happens Next

After the Initial Meeting, I will send you home with pricing and a copy of the Professional Disclosure Agreement (also available in the Forms section of this website) in which, should you become a client, will need to be signed before we begin our work together. Please read through it carefully. Unlike traditional ongoing therapy, these career counseling sessions are typically short-term, i.e. 6-10 sessions. I do not work on packages, rather I charge my hourly fee of $160 for my time (which includes all assessments/ materials). 


In addition, all of our correspondence, initial meetings, and sessions are strictly confidential. The state laws and the rules of the ACA require me to keep what you tell me confidential. However, if what you are disclosing to me gives an indication that you are going to harm yourself or another person, I have the right to break this confidentiality. Also, if I believe or suspect you or another person is abusing a child, an elderly person, or a person with a disability, I will have to contact the appropriate authorities.

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Cancellation Policy

I make every effort to accommodate as many clients as I can during my work week and as a result, ask that you consider our meetings very important. Here is an explanation of my cancellation policy. Please let me know 24 hours before our next session (Initial Meetings included). A phone call and a message on my voicemail (if I am unavailable) is all that is necessary. Otherwise, your required fee for that time slot will be billed to you. [medical emergencies, sickness & inclement weather are exceptions and you will not be charged] For scheduled sessions, if you have not arrived within fifteen minutes of the scheduled appointment and there has been no ability to connect with an outreach attempt, the session will be treated as a cancellation without 24-hour notification.

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