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How I Work

I work with a wide variety of clients that have diverse career backgrounds and needs. Here are a few examples of clients I have seen in the past:
*Adults of ALL ages and stages in the midst of a transition, i.e. career-changers
*Recent college graduates entering the workforce for the first time
*Young adults or non-traditional students entering college, graduate programs, or specialty trade schools
*Individuals in college deciding on academic majors

My specialized training as a counselor allows me to go beyond traditional career interventions or career guidance systems by engaging clients in reflexive dialogues. This partnering addresses individuals’ unique cultures, contexts, needs, desires, values, concerns, and barriers that can arise during a career-transition. The holistic work is supported by a sound counseling foundation coupled with directive models to inspire action and ultimately produce awareness and results.

Every client comes to me with a unique set of needs, strengths, goals, and of course, barriers to their employment. As a result, my counseling interventions are tailored to meet those needs and I work diligently to assist and empower individuals in this process. I always honor my clients for their willingness and courage to explore themselves and the possibilities that are available to them.


For many of my clients, I use an evidence-based Holistic Narrative Assessment developed by CareerCycles™, a Canadian career development company. Like other career models, it is broken down into several components:

Career & Life Clarification© –This phase explores your Desires, Strengths, Natural Interests, Personal Qualities, Assets, and your Future Possibilities. Work in this area is a calculated and collaborative process, which aims to holistically organize information from your Early Years, Education, and your existing Career & Life Portfolio.

Denver Career Counseling

Intentional Exploration© –This final step is the action phase where you will utilize the clarity developed in the Career & Life Clarification©. By this time, you will have a Career Statement indicating goals, aspirations, and a Possibility and Exploration Plan©. This unique combination of career interventions has shown to be a proven method that will set you up to succeed during your time of transition

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